Monday, January 26, 2009

Time for a New Post

I just turned 27. 
I think it will be a good year.

However, it is kind of weird and strange because I feel like I am at an age where I should be going somewhere or doing something - heading towards bigger and better things. Instead, my life feels a little too comfortable, slightly stagnant, and pedestrian.  It is not bad by any means. It is and predictable and routine.

I keep thinking that I want to live a "BIG" life. I don't know what that means. A few years ago my definition of "BIG" was moving away to somewhere like New York City or Austin, TX. When I graduated college and moved Fairfax, I thought that by the time I was 27 I would be on my way to New York City because at that point I would have more life experience and be braver. 

Looking back I think, man I should have gone when I didn't know any better.  Because now I don't even think that I would like to live in New York City which had been my dream since the 6th grade. When I really think about it, it would end up being like living anywhere after a while - even if I worked in Rockafeller Center or the Empire State Building, after a while I would still just be going to work and coming home. 

My life is good. My parents live close enough that a trip to see them is easily made and I value that a lot. I have a great boyfriend, awesome friends, a fantastic church and I work for a company that I love. But I still find myself wanting more, thinking - is this it? 

How is my life glorifying to God when I go to work, go to the gym (on a good day), come home, eat dinner on a tray while watching TV, read, and go to bed? How does the mundane glorify God and why does it feel small?  

I am not a visionary. I don't have these wild and crazy dreams of how I want to change the world. I just want my life to not be small, to not be too comfortable, and to be moving forward instead of standing still. However, I am timid and I hate change so it is a challenge to get out of my comfort zone when all I want is for everything to never change.

What is going to matter when I look back on my life? Probably the relationships I had and poured into. But ultimately I think what will matter is how well I knew Jesus and served Him. And I suppose that a life with Him will not be small. He is the creator of the universe. I'm sure He could do some crazy stuff. The hard part is letting go to let Him do that.  I pray that I can.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Resolutions

Since the New Year officially starts tomorrow, January 5th (the Monday after New Year's weekend) - I thought I would share my New Year's resolutions.

1). Lose 16 pounds by April and set another goal after that.

2). To not have losing weight be my New Years Resolution next year.

3). Use more lotion, eye shadow, and bar soap - I have so much of these things it is ridiculous. Please never buy me grooming products. I am well stocked (18 eye shadow cases - some with multiple colors; 9 bars of soap; 13 bottles of lotion; and 5 bottles of body wash)!

4). To run the Marine Corps Marathon again this year.

5). To walk with God purposefully and figure out how to glorify Him in the mundane details of life.

6). To pray regularly for the United States, the President, and world events. And also to pray more in general.

7). To wear dresses often and well.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!