Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Desert Island and Cuddling

I am watching The Fire episode of the The Office right now from Season 2 where they stand outside and play "Desert Island" and "Who Would You Do." I am changing the latter to "Who Would You Hold Special Hands and Cuddle With?"
Desert Island - What 3 books OR 5 DVDs would you want if you were stuck on a Desert Island?

Pam: Well I kind of like Legally...
Jim: Do you understand the, the game is Desert Island Movies, not Guilty Pleasure Movies. Desert Island Movies are the movies you are going to watch for the rest of your life! Forever! Unforgivable.
Pam: I take it back!

Desert Island Books
1). The Bible: This is actually 66 books in one but who is counting.

2). Miriam Websters Dictionary: The biggest one. I can use the “X” and “Q” sections to build a fire and then have a “word of the day” for the rest of my life.

3). Harry Potter: I am assuming that by the time I get trapped on a desert island they will have published a book with all of the volumes in one. But if not then I will take #7 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – so I will always know how it ends.

Desert Island DVDs

1). Rocky 4: There are just so many good things about this Rocky movie I could go on forever. This would motivate me to work out and defeat any communists on the island.

2). Enchanted: B/c I will need background music and cheer in this lonely time.

3). Castaway: So I can follow Tom Hanks’ lead.

4). When Harry Met Sally: It’s a classic.

5). Varsity Blues: B/c I will need a Football Fix.

Who Would You Hold Special Hands and Cuddle With?

1). Brian Armstrong: My boo. He has to be first.

2). Rocky Balboa: "Yo JennyLynn - I did it."

3). Jim Halpert: We could prank our coworkers together...except we wouldn't have coworkers on a desert island. I think I'm getting my games mixed up.

4). Zack Morris: I love his stonewashed jeans tucked into stark white converse. And the way he pursued Kelly Kapowski.

5). Dr. McDreamy: It's the Hair.

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lizbaker said...

The Fire is one of my favorite episodes. Royce and I always answer our Desert Island questiosns after too. So I will share mine with you...

3 Books:
1. The Bible (I am a Christian afterall. And it's the only Living word).

2. The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus. It's pretty good, and I think it would help me feel awesome enough to conquer the island.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird. Good stuff.

5 Movies (this isn't fair because I pick 3 of the same as you):
1. When Harry Met Sally (amazing)

2. Castaway. Also to learn from Tom Hanks' example

3. Enchanted. So good.

4. Lost Season 3

5. The Office Season 2

Love you!