Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things I Did Not Expect About Being Engaged

1). How Excited [crazy] My Mom Is
As my dad says, "she is spun up like a top." Within the first week I got engaged she had already gotten a sample bridesmaids dress, cake samples, looked at invitations, wedding dresses, and reception sites in Yorktown...and I am not even getting married down there. It is very funn to have a mom who is so excited and I am thankful for that.

2). How Much My Mom and I Disagree
I expected us to disagree on some things here and there. But it is everything. Literally 95% of the details.

I like: Hair down, tea length bridesmaids dresses with straps, orange and maroon, creative/trendy invitations, a funky cake, ties and vests for the men, the Waterford at Fair Oaks, an open bar.

She likes: Hair up, long strapless dresses, teal or blue, very traditional invitations, a white cake with white icing, bow ties, the Westfields Marriott, maybe a cocktail hour.

3). How Tempting Eloping Sounds
I always thought I wanted a big wedding with revelry and funn. Planning is very exciting but sometimes when I lay in bed at night I sigh and think, "is it really worth the fuss?" The answer is Yes. Mostly because of the entrance we will have at the reception.

4). How Stressful it is to be Told to be Selfish
The fact of the matter is I am a people pleaser. I have been told by lots of people that I need to be selfish and to do everything I want just the way I want it. That is actually more stressful for me b/c I hate dealing with the idea that I am disappointing people or that things will be tacky, ridiculous, or that all my bridesmaids will hate wearing orange and maroon dresses and curse me forever. Also, it is way more stressful to deal with fighting for details than to compromise and do something that will please the other people involved.
Maybe I will look back in 30 years and regret it but by then I will have my own daughter and can have my real dream wedding!

5). How Much Funn it is to Do It With Brian
He must have read a book on how to be a great fiance because he is doing awesome. He has mastered the following phrases:

"What do you need me to do"

"Are you sure I can't help address the invitations?"

"That sounds perfect"

"You are so creative"

"Anything you want"

and my personal favorite -

"All I want is a garage, basement, and to be married to you."

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tls1995 said...

Jen I think you just caught most of my feelings on being engaged. We've had to reschedule twice and haven't had the nerve to set a third date yet. I'm really starting to lean to the elopement option if it wouldn't upset the girls so much!