Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

I wanted to post some of my favorite details of the Dr. Seuss Birthday Party. We got lucky in that Target and Michaels were featuring Dr. Seuss this summer so we had lots and lots of stuff to work with.

Cat in the Hat Life-Size Cut Out for a Picture Station


Favors with lots of stuff from the Dollar Spot at Target

Happy Birthday to you Books served as the Guest Books for everyone to sign

I used a Dr. Seuss calendar to make different posters. 
We Love Poms! 

Jello + Sprite = Beezlenut Splash

It wouldn't be a party without Green Eggs and Ham! 
Julie's attempt at a bowl of Jello with Fish. Most of the [Sweedish] Fish "died."
All the toothpicks were made from adhesive foam stickers from Michaels.

Family Picture! We found Cat in the Hat shirts at Kohls.

I ordered the plates and napkins online.

My favorite detail is this 12 month birthday banner. It is hard to see in the picture but it was pretty freaking awesome. 
This cake was the source of a lot of stress. But thanks to Brian and Julie it turned out amazingly. 
Separate Birthday Cakes for Annabelle and Stephen to eat.
We made the cake pink and blue for A & S. 

I ordered the iron-on Dr. Seuss "1's" from Etsy. They turned out splendid.

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Tree said...

All of this is super amazingly cute!! Wow!! You should be a party/event planner/decorator!!