Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Brian & Jen Show: Creative Cakes

Brian and I undertook the challenge of making a Yuengling Beer Bottle Cake for one of our coworkers. 

After a bit of research, we began the process.

First, we got lots of supplies and ingredients. (Spoiler Alert, we had to go out and buy more) and a Yuengling bottle to use for inspiration.

Second, we baked some cake with my adorable teal mixer.

Third, we got real frustrated because we didn't let the cake cool much and it broke. And we baked another one and it broke too. So we had to get more cake. 

Fourth, we learned this technique called "Crumb Coating" where you put a thin layer of icing on the cooled cake and seal it so when you put the real icing on, it isn't all "crumby".  

Fifth, Brian measured the beer bottle and then scaled up, marked the cake with toothpicks, and cut it.

When he did that, we had a lot of cake left over that we had to throw away. It would have made Funn Matt sad.

Sixth, I made a bunch of buttercream icing. 

Using LOTS of sugar!

Then, I sat down to make the beer bottle label.  The plan was to use a Wilton Sugar Sheet and some Food Writer markers to freehand draw the Yuengling label onto the sheet. 
This. Was. Frustrating.

So then I had the fantastic idea to print the label and trace it onto the sugar sheet. 
This worked MUCH better.

That was probably the hardest part. After that, we made some sweet (literally) green and maroon icing. The green was for the beer bottle and the maroon was for the label border. 

After icing the cake, the finishing touches included the maroon border, bottleneck label and the bottle cap. The labels and the cap were all done with sugar sheets. 

The finished product turned out pretty well, I think!

We are currently thinking about going into retirement...until the next time someone asks us to bake them a creative cake and we say, "yeah, that would be awesome!"

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