Monday, April 30, 2012

Things I Want to Remember About My 19 Month Olds

Annabelle and Stephen are doing so many cute things lately and I just want to remember them:

  • They love Elmo, especially Elmo’s Song, which they ask for by saying, “La La? La La?” We usually let them watch Elmo videos on YouTube during breakfast so that is always the first thing they say when we get downstairs.
  • Stephen likes to crawl into your lap and grab your cheeks and say, “Cheeks” and then proceeds to give you an anatomy lesson of your face including, “Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Chin.” 
  • Annabelle loves shoes. She has slept with her shoes. The first thing she says in the morning when she wakes up is, “Shoe-ies? Shoe-ies?” She stole some other kid’s shoes at daycare the other day and ran off with them. She likes to put two or three pairs in her arms and carry them around.
  • When you ask Stephen what a monster says, he replies, “Roar!” When you ask him what else a monster says, he replies, “COOKIES!”
  • When he get ready to go downstairs, Stephen reaches out and says, “Hand? Hand” and then holds my hand all the way down. One time he held it going up the stairs and it reminded me of a three legged dog.
  •  Annabelle calls Stephen, “Buddy” and “Ci-Ci”.  Stephen calls Annabelle, “Ahh-Bell” and “Sissy” (which Brian hates, but I LOOVVVEEE).
  • Annabelle has started disciplining Stephen by saying, “NO! NO! Buddy, TIME OUT!”
  • When you get mad at Stephen or speak harshly to him, he gets the saddest pout you have ever seen and his eyes well up with tears and you can see him trying to hold himself together. Sometimes he will go put himself in time out.
  •  They call popsicles “Dopadees”.
  • Stephen has started saying “No” when I think he really means “Yes!”
  • When they are saying bye to someone, they also add, “See Ya!”

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