Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Month Old!

Annabelle at 5 months
• Wakes up smiling
• Loves to grab things
• Is very interested in touching my face – she loves to put her hands on my face, in my mouth, on my eyes and cheeks
• Rolls around and sometimes does the “worm” to try to get to something she wants
• Loves to sleep on her stomach
• Sucks on her fingers nonstop
• Is much more interested in Stephen than he is in her
• She is very interested in other babies in general – the other day she grabbed Karis Means’ hand in church
• Squirms like crazy – especially when getting dressed or getting a diaper changed
• Loves to eat her green beans much more than rice or applesauce
• Splashes a lot in bathtime.
• Is very predictable about bedtime – she will cry for a few minutes and fall right to sleep
• She can hold her own bottle.

Stephen at 5 months
• Still cries if you put him down although he will stop after a few minutes
• Loves to sleep with the lamb or frog fuzzy lovey and has to have it touching his face
• Was weaned from his pacifier
• Talks a lot in baby babble
• Prefers to be standing up on your lap
• Can roll from his belly to his back
• Can push up pretty far on his belly
• Smiles a lot when he is being held
• Loves to cuddle and just sit on your lap while you do things
• Is getting too big for 3-6 month onsies
• HATES getting dressed and screams like he is being tortured
• Loves to eat all the time
• Loves rice, applesauce and is okay with green beans
• Loves to be naked
• Found his feet and likes to hold on to them.
• Loves to hold his own bottle!

Both babies don’t really like to be in their bouncers or in the swing that much. We can put them in the swing when they are falling asleep but that is about it. They will sit in their bumbos for a few minutes but don’t love it.

They both love the toys they got for Christmas. Especially the talking Puppy Bear, the Farm See & Say, and the little toys that play songs and make noise. Really, anything that makes noise entertains them.

Mom at 5 Months
After encouragement from my dear friend and cousin Tierney, I joined a running group that meets on Mondays and Saturdays so I have been running consistently for the past month. I am up to almost three miles run/walking. Fun fact, the coach told me that you actually can come back stronger from pregnancy because of the increased levels of oxygen that run through your blood during pregnancy and some other stuff that I can’t remember. I thought that was pretty cool.

So I am running more and I joined Weight Watchers Online to get my diet in order. It is a completely new system than the old one that I was used to so it is taking some time for me to get acclimated with it. I have heard good things, though, so hopefully I will see results.

I am going to be in a wedding in June and my goals are:
1). The dress that I ordered would be too big
2). That I would not hate the way I look when I see the pictures
3). That I would have some muscular arms.

My big goal is to lose about 40 lbs. I am trying to focus on two at a time right now.

I also turned 29 this past week. It was very low key. I feel like an interesting thing I am experiencing post-pregnancy is the let-down of the anticipation and excitement that comes with being pregnant. I feel like I was in a constant state of that since April of 2009 when Brian and I got engaged. We were married for less than a month when I found out I was pregnant so I feel like I was on this continuous cycle of being excited about major life events for a year and a half. So it almost feels like something is missing right now.

It is nice to not have anything big on the horizon but I also feel more and more nostalgic about the first days with the babies – especially the day they were born. I miss that excitement and wonder at these new little lives we had made together. At least once I week I still think, “I can’t believe I have twins. How did THAT happen??”

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Elaine said...

Jenn! You are absolutely amazing and such an encouragement. I can't believe you're already up to 3 miles?!?! I'm so jealous and proud of you at the same time. =) I love hearing about the kiddos and they're development as well as yours. Keep it up! Oh, and the new WW system takes awhile to get used to. I'm still not used to it and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the new system so if you ever get overwhelmed, I'm here for you to vent about it. =)