Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 Months of Loving My Babies!

I wrote this post way back in February but have been delinquent in posting it.

Month 6 in the Life of Annabelle Rae and Stephen Michael

This month, Annabelle and Stephen have really shown us some personality. I think they are definitely becoming more aware of each other. They will grab each others faces and give “kisses” on the head sometime and laugh at each other. Every once in a while it seems like they are talking back and forth or like one of them is trying to antagonize the other one. The other day Stephen was falling asleep in his swing and Annabelle kept scream/laughing and waking him up. He would whine and she would do it again.

Both babies can completely hold their own bottles; eat peas, green beans, applesauce, pears, bananas, carrots, and oatmeal. They love the exersaucers and being upright. They hate their bumbos.


  • Does this scream/laugh that is the cutest thing in the world
  • Has the best smile ever
  • Has become an official daddy’s girl – following him everywhere with her eyes
  • Examples: one Friday night, Brian came home while I was giving the twins their bottles. He came over and said hi to them and then went in the kitchen. Annabelle stopped eating and cried until he came back and fed her. Later that night we drove to Bible Study and Annabelle screamed the entire car ride which is very unlike her. We even stopped the car to change her diaper. Every time I would say her name she would just keep crying. Every time Brian would say her name she would scream even louder. I think it was because she wanted his attention.
  • One night Annabelle was incredibly fussy. I was holding her and she was squirmy and inconsolable. I handed her off to Daddy and she stopped immediately. He tried to hand her back to me and she cried. So it begins…
  • Is officially too long for pretty much all of her 3 month clothes
  • Likes to have us blow in her face
  • Is pushing up on her hands and knees
  • Kind of does “The Worm” to get to stuff
  • Reaches for toys
  • Loves to grab and touch faces
  • Loves when I put her fingers in my mouth and pretend to bite them
  • Her bald spot on the back of her head is almost gone and her hair is coming in much lighter than we thought it would.


  • Smiles a lot
  • Is officially out of 3-6 month onsies and on his way to being out of the 6month clothes. I put a 3-6 month gerber onsie on him the other day and I could barely get it over his head and then it wouldn’t snap at the bottom. I thought I was going to have to cut it off him
  • HATES HATES HATES getting dressed and screams like you are torturing him.
  • Is getting better at tummy time
  • Laughs at Brian a lot
  • Stephen likes raspberries blown on his tummy
  • His legs are like giant hamhocks
  • We started putting Aquaphor on him as lotion b/c he has baby eczema and now he has the softest skin ever
  • Has to sleep with a lovey touching his face
  • This month we started giving him a bottle in his crib when he wakes up at 5am and he will hold it, drink it, and go back to sleep until at least 6:30. This is a welcome change from bringing him in to the bed with his so we could hold the bottle for him.
  • He also pushes up on his hands and knees a little bit.
  • His hair is coming in really blond and after a bath he kind of looks like an Albert Einstein Teddy Bear
  • One evening I was feeding the babies in their high chairs and Stephen was clearly pooping. I thought nothing of it until I picked him up to change him and realized that he had an explosion that went all the way up his back. I didn’t know what to do so I took him upstairs to give him a bath. I didn’t even know how to get the onsie off without getting poop all over his face. So I just stuck him under the faucet in his onsie but forgot to turn the water to warm so it was ice cold. He didn’t like it. We were all a hot mess. But it turned out okay.


  • I can run 2.5 miles without stopping.
  • I have lost 7 pounds on Weight Watchers.

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