Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why I Run

So I have agonized for the past two months about whether I am going to run the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October. Finally, my running coach, Sherri, said, "If you show up on July 11 and tell me you are running the marathon, then you are running the marathon." And for some reason I said, "Okay." And since then, I have not questioned it. I have set my mind to it and I am starting to believe it will happen.

Over the past two months I have thought more and more about why I run. And I have decided that I am motivated by three things.

1). Goals - I don't run because I just love running. I am just not the type of person who says, "I really just feel like going for a run today." I need to be training for something, moving toward something, and have a deadline to look forward to and an "end date".

2). Guilt - I have found that I run best when I have paid a significant amount of money (in the form of a race fee and/or training group) that makes it more painful to my wallet and my conscience (and for Brian) to quit or give up.

3). Group - Running with people, be it a training buddy or The Running Store Training Group (which is the most awesome thing ever) helps me a lot. There is accountability, there is someone to show up for, and there are people to help me keep going when all I want to do is stop. There is something about having someone beside you, even if you don't say a word, that helps you to keep moving forwar

I don't know that these are the best reasons to run but these are MY reasons to run. I like being a runner but I have a very hard time actually being a runner without the above mentioned factors. And I am happy to have realized it, embraced it, and to use them to help me get to the finish line on October 30th.

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