Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random Thoughts for August

Every night I make Brian and I say our favorite things about Annabelle and Stephen for that day. I am going to try to remember to post some of them here.

Today, Brian's favorite thing about Annabelle was that every time he and I would cuddle or hug, she would climb right in between us and break it up. I totally used to do that to my parents all the time. My favorite thing about Stephen today was when he let me cut his toenails and fingernails and he just sat so calmly in his highchair like it was no big thing. Yesterday, my favorite thing about Annabelle was that when you pick her up she waves to all the pictures and figures on the shelves and pretty much everything in the room. It is very cute.

Also, on Thursday we noticed a new tooth coming in for Little Miss Belle. This will be her third and it is her front right.

I ran 16 miles for marathon training today. It was good. I still am having hard time wrapping my mind around 26.2 though. Only 10 weeks to go.

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